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Transform your smile with expert Orthodontic care and discover your perfect Alignment today!

Creating a unique smile design involves a comprehensive approach that considers various aspects of a person's facial structure, dental health, and individual preferences. Dr. Steven J. Flax's Orthodontic office in Sandton, Johannesburg, takes pride in prioritizing your smile as a work of art. 

Here's how the team ensures your smile receives the utmost care and attention:

  • Personalized Approach: Understanding that each smile is unique, the team at Dr. Flax's office takes a personalized approach to assess your facial structure, teeth alignment, and overall oral health.
  • Holistic Consideration: The team considers the harmony between facial components, including teeth, lips, and facial structure. This holistic view ensures that any orthodontic treatment aligns with your overall facial aesthetics.
  • Commitment to Excellence: The office is dedicated to providing top-notch orthodontic treatment and an exceptional patient experience. This commitment involves creating an enjoyable, caring, and energetic atmosphere for patients.
  • Attention to Detail: Emphasizing meticulous service and quality care, the team pays close attention to detail. This ensures that every aspect of treatment is thorough and tailored to individual needs.
  • Advanced Technology: Striving to offer the latest and most advanced orthodontic care, the office integrates cutting-edge technology into treatments. This commitment to innovation ensures patients receive the best possible care.
  • Excellence and Compassion: Dr. Flax's team considers it an honor and a privilege to serve patients and their families. They uphold values of excellence, compassion, and trust, fostering a supportive environment for patients throughout their orthodontic journey.

By combining expertise, advanced technology, personalized care, and a compassionate approach, Dr. Steven J. Flax's orthodontic office in Sandton, Johannesburg, is dedicated to creating healthy, beautiful smiles while ensuring a positive and fulfilling experience for every patient.

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Sandton Orthodontist, Dr. Steven Flax is a dental professional dedicated to excellence in Orthodontics offering services such as braces, Invisalign & other orthodontic treatments. Please come and visit Sandton, South Africa Orthodontist Dr. Steven Flax.

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